Saturday, June 4, 2011

What a Day !!!

Well today started off well but turned bad within a few hours. Today I received swap package from Tamala a friend in my polish and gossip group on facebook. She wrapped it soo pretty and added some extra goodies in the package =) Thanx girlie. So I called my nail salon after opening my package because the nail tech (who is new btw) put too much acrylic on my nails to the point that they looked thick and she also filed one the wrong way and it looked crooked.I spoke to the manager the guy that normally does my nails and he told me to come in so he could fix it. I get their and his wife/girlfriend wanted to try and fix them which I said was fine since she has done my nails before. She fixed the crooked one then when I told her the others needed to be buffed down or something she said they looked fine. So me and her were fussing because clearly she didnt want to fix them I told her dont worry about it I will go to the nail salon up the street and will never return to their salon (mind you I've been going there for years) She still had a stupid look on her face so I just left before I cursed her out (yes I have anger management problems whatever lol).

Then I leave the salon and go to walmart for the monopoly game that has the debit card because some of my family are coming over tonight and I hate having to be the banker all of the time.While sitting in the car on the phone with my aunt telling her about the nail tech some asshole walks into my car. I dont know how he managed to do this by just walking into my car but it rocked forward and back. Then he and I assume his girlfriend continues  walking by my car like nothing happens OH HELL NO I stand up out of car ask are you going to say sorry or at least excuse me ? ? he started arguing with me talking about I just walked into your car its not going to hurt it and then yelled fuck you while walking off. Ohh I went ham (hard as a motherfucker for those that dont know what ham means lol) meanwhile my aunt is still on the phone trying to calm me down and get me to go home but with my mouth and attitude that wasnt happening. He was still walking into the store while I was trying to put my windows up before I went in to find his ass. Thats one thing I cant stand dont talk shit to me and think Im not going to say anything back UGH Needless to say I didnt find his ugly ass   so I just got what I was there for originally and came back home. What a day what a day !!!!


  1. :( it better now?!? no be upset Neeka!!!

  2. Thanx snickerdoodle =) I'm better now

  3. He probably went to hide in the Men's bathroom, he knew you was going to go HAM on him!

  4. you poor thing i love "ham" ive never heard of that before but i woulda done the same thing!!!! ppl suck :( at least you found what u needed and didnt have to go to another store... ox

  5. jean bean he probably did him and the chick he was with she probably thought i was crazy lol and sarah thanx snickerdoodle btw i love ham too =)


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