Thursday, June 30, 2011

Im nude

Well not me but my nail polish is LOL In this manicure Im wearing Zoya Pandora which is AMAZING to say the least. I dont generally like nudes but this is pretty and has been added to my favorite Zoya list. The application was sheer with the 1st coat but a 2nd coat took care of that.The color matches the color in the bottle perfectly. It wasnt streaky at all and was oh soo creamy. This color is a must have by all skintones in my opinion.
This is showing Pandora with the flash on 

This is without the flash to show the actual color !

Beautiful. Do you have this color in your collection ? What do you think about it ? *smooches*


  1. Tease! hahaha JK! I really like pandora for a nude polish I don't really have any nudes lol

  2. Hehe =) Sarah Im the same way I only have 2 and I dont like the other one as much

  3. Pandora looks amazing on you!!!


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