Saturday, October 13, 2012

Coming out to the world ...

So the reason I havent blogged in over a month is because I didnt know how to show you all my nubs LOL Ive always had either arcylic tips or gel overlays on my nails since the 7th grade. I cant even remember the last time Ive seen my nails ''natural''. I decided last month to try growing my nails out without the assistance of a nail salon. I purchased some cuticle oils and treatments from different brands.Im currently using Nail tek nail theraphy II and their cuticle oil. At first I was using poshe 4-1 basecoat which I did like. I apologize for not sharing this with you guys sooner but I didnt feel you guys would want to see swatches on my little nubbies =( Let me know what you guys think or recommend for weak nails.
This is my left hand after the second cut down which was a few days ago. 

My right hand
These are my pass two manicures which I absolutely adore. I mean who doesnt like a purple holo ? 
2 coats gave me complete coverage and the application was amazing. This is Jade fascinio violeta if you cant see the name on the bottle. 
Another one of my favorites. Gosh Holographic. It took me forever to get my hands on this baby but boy was it worth it. My only complaints would be the size or the polish and the application. I had to do 3 coats to get complete coverage and no patchy spots =( 

Isnt she pretty ? This polish has a strong linear holo 

Gosh is a must have IMO even with the application issues its still worth it LOL Thanks for reading snickerdoodles *Smooches*

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