Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ok Im addicted LOL

 Yes you read that correctly, Im addicted to jelly/glitter sandwiches LOL. This mani doesnt qualify to be called a jelly sandwich being its just a really sheer polish. The base color is meant for french manicures but of course you can use it however you like.
L-R Jordana (french manicure) Barely pink and Milani jewel fx Lavender 

Side shot 

So Im still trying out different glitter and base combos. Barely pink is VERY sheer and streaky =\ However its perfect for glitter sandwiches. 

I did 2 coats of Barely pink, 1coat of Lavender, and 1 more coat of barely pink on top. 

Im extremely happy with how this turned out.I think I may leave some indie polishes alone and just recreate them to my liking. What do you think about this combo ? Would you wear this ? *Smooches*

Monday, June 18, 2012

I dont think your ready for this jelly

Im on a roll now LOL Im now addicted to jelly sandwiches and I want to keep trying different combos. L-R Milani jewel fx Gold and New York Summer Hot sky blue.
I did 1 coat of Hot sky blue and 1 thick coat of Gold.I finished it off with another coat of Hot sky blue and got this look. I really like this mani and its even better in person. The glitter looks green vs gold with the blue over it.

Also Hot sky blue isnt your typical jelly polish. She is also a shimmer with purple and blue tiny glitters in it. I didnt want to remove this one but I did my babies hair which ruined it =( Anyways Im sure the next post will be another jelly, I hope you arent tired of them LOL ! *Smooches*

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My first jelly sandwich

L-R Nubar White polka dot and New York Summer Hot orange

Back view 

So I have been seeing this trend going on awhile now and decided to try it myself. I started with 1 coat of hot orange and 2 coats of white polka dot. I finished it off with one more coat of hot orange. The pic above is without flash.
This mani took forever to dry !!! I went to sleep a few hours after doing my nails and still had smudges when I wont up. 

You can see the smudges in this pic on the ring and pinkie finger. Overall I liked how this came out and look forward to doing more jelly sandwiches.What do you think about this combo ? Have you tried this technique yet ?  *Smooches*

Monday, June 11, 2012

Im back ... finally LOL !!!

So much has happened since I have last made a post. My son had an asthma attack (didnt even know he had asthma),my husband needed emergency surgery,my laptop was in the shop for 2 weeks etc etc etc. That was alot to take in such short amount of time. Any who before going to the beach I decided to do a beachy mani.
Nail venturous Floam and OPI (mini) fly

                                        Back view

I put one coat of Fly on every nail then added 2 coats of floam on each nail except my pinkie. Fly is pretty opaque in one coat. For some reason in the photo it looks like I missed a spot.

I stayed at the beach for 5 days and this mani held up pretty well considering I was in the sand, beach water and pool everyday. I loved this combo, enough to not change it even though I took back up polishes. Anyways I hope you guys missed me as much as I missed you guys.*Smooches*
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