Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ok Im addicted LOL

 Yes you read that correctly, Im addicted to jelly/glitter sandwiches LOL. This mani doesnt qualify to be called a jelly sandwich being its just a really sheer polish. The base color is meant for french manicures but of course you can use it however you like.
L-R Jordana (french manicure) Barely pink and Milani jewel fx Lavender 

Side shot 

So Im still trying out different glitter and base combos. Barely pink is VERY sheer and streaky =\ However its perfect for glitter sandwiches. 

I did 2 coats of Barely pink, 1coat of Lavender, and 1 more coat of barely pink on top. 

Im extremely happy with how this turned out.I think I may leave some indie polishes alone and just recreate them to my liking. What do you think about this combo ? Would you wear this ? *Smooches*


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