Monday, June 18, 2012

I dont think your ready for this jelly

Im on a roll now LOL Im now addicted to jelly sandwiches and I want to keep trying different combos. L-R Milani jewel fx Gold and New York Summer Hot sky blue.
I did 1 coat of Hot sky blue and 1 thick coat of Gold.I finished it off with another coat of Hot sky blue and got this look. I really like this mani and its even better in person. The glitter looks green vs gold with the blue over it.

Also Hot sky blue isnt your typical jelly polish. She is also a shimmer with purple and blue tiny glitters in it. I didnt want to remove this one but I did my babies hair which ruined it =( Anyways Im sure the next post will be another jelly, I hope you arent tired of them LOL ! *Smooches*


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