Monday, May 30, 2011

Things you buy when you lie

So I was suppose to be going to the store for Milk and eggs I just left out the fact I was going to get beauty products too lol So I got the make up from CVS the eyeshadow is the HIP duo in wicked (2.12) and rimmel mascara sexy curves (2.00). Nail polish L-R Orly ancient jade (1.99)  Orly bubbly bombshell (5.99) Orly sapphire silk (1.99) Sally hansen grass slippers-looks yellow but is green (3.00)  sally hansen  dvd (6.00 sally hansen spectrum (3.00 buy one get one 50% off plus a free base and top coat) china glaze medallion (3.99) milani cyberspace (4.99) milani gold glitz (2.50 buy one get one 50% off) sally hansen emerald city(.80) sally hansen top/base coat (free).I must say I found some good deals  *smooches*


  1. Nicely done and p.s. why aren't you following me? LOL *smooch*

  2. kari im on it now lol thanx jean bean

  3. You are so fab and clearly, I ain't too proud to beg. ;) Thanks, sweet pea.

  4. hahahah I love the title!


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