Monday, January 30, 2012

Sister Make Over

So some of you may know I have 1 sibling who is 10 years younger then me. This is her =) Her nickname is Boney because she is just that LOL.She spent the weekend over my house so I decided to do her make up among other things such as nails and facial.

I put Urban Decays Jet in the crease then I put Killa Monroe's shock star which is a glitter on part of the lid. I lined the top lash with Bobbi Brown's gel liner in Ink. She was too scared to let me line her lower lash line so she lined it with Mallys black eyeliner pencil.We finished the eyes with L'Oreal false lash mascara.
I filled her brows in with dark horse eye shadow.

I used Kat Von D's Backstage Bambi on her lips with some random clear lipgloss. So what do you think about her make up ? Would you wear a look like this ? *Smooches*

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