Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fleck Effect spring 2012 collection

Maisie can be best described as a sheer turquoise blue base with reflective Mylar flakes that shift from green to blue.

Opal can be best described as a sheer green base with reflective Mylar flakes that shift from bright green to blue.

 Chloe is a sheer coral pink base with two types of duochrome Mylar flakes: red-orange to gold and gold-green to blue.

L-R  Zoya Pinta topped with Zoya Chloe,Zoya Ibiza topped with Zoya Maisie and Zoya Tallulah topped with Zoya Opal.

Another shot that doesnt include my shadow in my nails LOL. I decided to try them on different Zoya colors since others have showed how they look on the True collection or over black. I think these flecks or flakies as I call them would look best on darker colors.They do show up on lighter colors but not as good. I wouldnt recommend wearing them alone bc they are very sheer and meant for layering.These retail for $8 a piece or you can get the entire collection from for $24.

(These products were sent to me from their PR department for review but this has no influence over my opinion about these products)


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