Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Posing as a nail tech

My aunt who lives about 35 minutes away from me called and asked for a manicure since i have all of the colors she likes =) I agreed because she stays about 5 minutes away from CVS and I needed to see if they had This is off topic but I wanted to let everyone that it is bad to text and push a shopping cart =) I ran right in the back of some woman waiting in line LOL she didnt seem to care and said it was ok but I would of been mad being hit in my ass as hard as I hit her !!!

L-R HI-RES,3D,AND HI-TECH all are very pretty in the bottle and I hope they look every better on my nails *smooches*


  1. Must. Find. CVS. Hello sparkles!

  2. I love the color selection on the nails!!

    Oooooooooh pretty Milanis!! I have the pink the purple and the silver...........but might invest in the others?? Hmmmmmmmmm PRETTY!

  3. aww thanx ladies ... i used my phone to take the pics so it really does look better in person =) I have a pink holo from sally hansen so thats why i didnt get it

  4. I don't have them still.. I will have to resort to buying online I suppose... Looking forward to pics.


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