Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I love this red lip

What it is:A matte and gloss mini lipstick set containing the Three Perfect Shades of red in two finishes. 
What it does:Each set contains six lipsticks, three sheer and three matte to suit your every mood.
( I got the lipstick kit picture from

The first color I tried is spark(matte) and it was soo creamy I fell in love with it LOL. I didnt line my lips as I was just trying to color out bc I just gotten my package in the mail. 

Here's the same color with flash.  The kit retails for $29.My only complaint about these lipsticks is the size. I knew I was getting minis but Ive seen deluxe samples bigger then these. People say they are good for travel but being they are so tiny I would probably lose them. I wouldnt purchase this kit again however I would buy the lipsticks separately if they came in a full size. Have you heard of this brand before ? Do you have any of their products ? *Smooches*

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