Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Zoya Review

Zoya Yara is described by Zoya's website as: A medium smoky olive drab with an illuminating splash of bright gold glitter.?? An olive drab that's anything but- it's completely glam. 

 Yara is sooo beautiful and applied like a dream however I feel that she does not go with my skintone =( I love the color but definitely not on me.! thick coat or 1 thin and 1/2 coat to get full coverage.The shimmer is AMAZING.

 Zoya Tao is described on Zoya's website as  A light smoke grey with blue undertones and a muted, softened metallic finish. A cool metallic machine shade for a rock'n'roll look.

Tao is another 1 good coat or 1 and 1/2 thin ones. For a grey it wasnt streaky at all and dried fairly quickly.

Zoya Nimue is described by Zoya's website as A smoky muted thistle purple with blue and mauve tones and a silvered metallic finish.? An unexpected soft metallic for an antiqued nail look

First let me say you do NOT need a topcoat with this one !!! she is soo beautiful and shiny on her own.I did 2 coats for good measure and Im in love with this polish. Nimue is a new favorite for me!

Yara,Tao, and Nimue are all from the Mirrors collection which is one of Zoya's 2011 fall collections (the other being Smoke)

Each bottle retails for $8.00 or you can get the whole mirrors collection for $48.00.You can find these polishes plus their other products at

(These products were sent to me from their PR department for review but this has no influence over my opinion about these products)


  1. I'm commenting before Jeanie!! I want Yara!! She is soooo pretty!!!

  2. LMBO @ Kimmie and Pam she is very pretty !!

  3. Ya know I think she may actually beat me for it! LOL

  4. Kimmie you forgot I have 2 bottles huh ? =)

  5. These are very pretty colors. I would grab all 3 just because they're out of my element. I did a small review on Zoya's polish.


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