Friday, July 22, 2011

Last but not least ...

Zoya Marina is described on Zoya's website as a strongly blue-toned smoky silver-grey with a dusty metallic finish. A blue smoke shade to give a dreamy artistic look to the nails.
Marina looks to me like Zoya's Kelly metallic sister !!! She is beautiful and application was wonderful as always.I used 1 and a half coats to get full coverage.Dry time was a little longer with this one vs the other's I used from the mirrors collection.

The retail of 1 Zoya polish is $8.00 or you can buy the complete Mirror's collection for $48.00
Visit their website at to find out more about this collection or any of their other products. 
(This product was sent to me from their PR department for review but this has no influence over my opinion about this product)


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