Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics

So this was my first time trying Cheeky Monkey nail polish.Ive been interested in this brand every since I read a couple of their polishes names.To give you a little history about the company it was founded by a mother of 3 named Andrea Pahn who said she was bored with what was out on the market.She decided to start her own company that creates fun,creative and cheeky products.
Booty call is described on Cheeky Monkey cosmetics website as a dark burgundy but to me its more eggplant with red flecks of glitter in it.This color is very beautiful.It applied for nicely so with 2 coats it was perfect.Dry time was average.

A shot of the bottle 

Get wet is described as a pastel turquoise on Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics website. This color is amazing.It has more green in it then whats showing up in the pictures.My only problem with this color is the fact that it was streaky however after 3 coats it smoothed itself out.So if you pick up this color dont be scared after the first coat keep going, its worth the 3 coats for the color payoff.Having to use 3 coats for this color it caused the dry time to be a bit longer then normal. I really like this color.

I decided to do an accent finger and added a few flower rhinestones. These polishes retail for $15 a bottle.You can purchase these from http://www.cheekymonkeycosmetics.com/. You can also check out Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics facebook page HERE.

(These products were sent to me from the company or their PR department for review but this has no influence over my opinion about these products)


  1. Purple is a favorite color of mine! I might have to check these out!

  2. nice selection of colors

  3. Those are beautiful! Love the bottles too. Cute!

  4. wow really nice colors! Love these, I think i need some! :)

  5. I totally need Trailer Trash for my blog name. I wish there was a red/black named Redheaded Slut. LoL

  6. Thanks for the comments ladies.I agree the bottles are adorable and the products are amazing as well. TrailerHood I would definitely buy a redheaded slut( polish that is LOL)

  7. I want some Cheeky polish! Both colors look good on you!

  8. You always do polish justice! Everything looks good on you and I love your reviews and swatches! These are gorgeous polishes!


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