Monday, February 20, 2012

My glitter bomb

I went to Claires today for the Deborah Lippmann candy shop dupe which I did pick up but one of their other collections caught my eye. Precious metals was the name and it included 5 mini glitters. I decided to do a glitter combo using some of them.The mini glitters have no names or numbers which is kind of ridiculous.The pink is China Glazes Conga to my cabana. 
I love this combination !!! These pictures arent doing this combo any justice. The glitters were very easy to use and I got good coverage which shocked me. This was 1 coat of each glitter on top of 2 coats of conga to my cabana.

Random side shot.Now tell me this isnt pretty LOL
Blurred to show the different colors 

As some of you may know Im a gamer chick and today I got this pink controller for my ps3.I love it. do you have any glitters from Claire's ? What do you think about them ? Have you entered my giveaway yet ? *Smooches*


  1. loving all the colors of these glitters combined! it sucks that they dont have names/numbers though :/

  2. Looks awesome!! <3 pink controller! :)

  3. Thanks everyone and agreed luvmylacquer I thought that was weird too.

  4. That color combo is amazing! Oh, and I'm totally jealous of your pink controller too!


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