Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zoya's smoke collection review #2

Zoya Anja is described by as a  rich, deep, vampy red-toned wine purple with a glossy creme finish.This vampy shade is both .2 coats is more then enough to get complete coverage.

Application was wonderful as always with zoya polishes.Anja was very creamy but a tad bit to dark for my liking. This color is perfect for fall but I could see people wearing this color year round.

Zoya Cynthia is described by as a smoky, blackened peacock teal with soft warm undertones.? A very uncommon shade of blue for a subtle but funky look. I had good coverage with 1 coat but opted for 2. This color was very hard to capture and for some reason it is showing up grey on my screen however it is a very dark navy blue.

This is a very beautiful deep navy almost black blue. Application was excellent and dry time was the same for all of the polishes in the Smoke collection which is fairly quickly.I would say the Smoke and Mirrors collection for 2011 is spot on for the fall/winter seasons. You can find more information about or purchase these items on . They retail for $8 a bottle or you could buy each collection for $48.

(These products were sent to me from their PR department for review but this has no influence over my opinion about these products)


  1. I ordered both Smoke & Mirrors collections this week and paid the extra $2 for the 2-3 day ship - then realized they packed it Wed so my $2 was a wast as it won't get here until Monday anyway. Oh well - looking forward to playing when mine does get here. Thus far, I think of all the fall collections Zoya has the best range of colors. I like a few in other collections but non have really knocked my socks off other than Zoya being pretty great.

  2. I'm one of those that would wear Anja year round. I <3 dark shades.

  3. aww sorry beachgal !!! I love both collections as well. Trailerhood I like certain dark colors Im picky I guess Lol

  4. Anja is beautiful. Cynthia reminds me a little of Marina.I found Marina to be at least equally as grey/silver as it is blue. The blue only overpowers the silver undertones in really bright lights. I still like her though :)


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